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Shafton Lane Surgery

20A Shafton Lane
LS11 9RE
Telephone: 01132056561
Fax: 0113 295 4390





What is the Friends and Family Test?

The Friends and Family test is a way of gathering feedback and helping to drive improvement. Patients are invited to respond to the question regarding how likely they are to recommend the surgery to friends and family. They are asked to comment on their reason for the score


 There were 105 responses from patients.





1. How likely are you to recommend our practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?



 Extremely Likely




Neither Likely Nor Unlikely




Extremely Unlikely


Don’t Know





Analysis of results:


89% of patients were ‘extremely likely’ or ‘likely’ to recommend us to Friends and Family.


Only 8% of patients were ‘unlikely’ or ‘extremely unlikely’.  

3% of responses did not express a preference. 


















2. Please tell us the main reason for the score you have given.


Comments on clinicians/staff

  •  “Very friendly and polite doctors. Doctors give you good detail.”
  • “Good doctor.”
  • “Very good, staff friendly.”
  • “Doctor explains things and I am happy with him.”
  • “I’ve always been treated well and been given respect to anything I have said.”
  • “Very nice doctors.”
  • “I m always seen when needed and given the best treatment.”
  • “Doctor listened to my problem and responded quickly. The situation was satisfactory.”
  • “Very welcoming staff.”
  • “The receptionists are always courteous and the doctor lets you know what is going to happen in a gentle manner.”
  • “Good staff, friendly environment and caring doctor.”
  • “Dr Shahid has worked with me for several health conditions. On three occasions he has helped me from dropping down into a serious state and sorted other doctor’s incompetence. I can’t thank him enough.”
  • “Always available to listen.”
  • “I feel Dr Aziz is extremely good at her job and I would rather see her than any other Dr in the practice.”
  • “She was very good at helping.”
  • “They listened to what I said.”
  • “She is interested in my concerns and advises me what action to take if symptoms persist.”
  • “Was interested in the welfare of my little girl and attended to her tactfully.”
  • “Everyone is friendly and helpful.”
  • “Good doctor.”
  • “Dr Bhandary is a good doctor and very patient.”
  • “Nice doctor.”
  • “For follow up Dr has helped by saying we can do it by telephone. Therefore understanding ways in which I am limited which is helpful and reassuring.”
  • “Reception staff are 5 star, they couldn’t be more helpful and friendly.”




Comments on the appointment system

  •  “It is not often I come to the doctors and when I do I find them helpful. It is just the length of time you have to wait sometimes to see the doctor after your appointment time.”
  • “Dr running behind but was very good.”
  • “Every time we ring at 8am there are no appointments.”
  • “It’s improving its timescale now.”
  • “Got an appointment on the day of ringing. Satisfied with diagnosis.”
  • “Dr Shahid was helpful but I find it stressful having to call at 8am sharp to try and get an appointment.”
  • “Always waiting on an appointment and doctor doesn’t seem to know what he is on about.”
  • “Waiting 20 minutes after appointment time.”
  • “On nearly every one of my appointments I have had to wait an on some occasions up to an hour. Today’s appointment was at 9.45am and I finally saw the doctor at 10. 50. This is not up to standard.” 
  • “Never on time with appointments. Always waiting over 30 minutes.”
  • “Need to rush at 8am to make an appointment. The staff are really nice but if you have a health problem this can’t help at all.”
  • “Booking system is really bad, you can’t book future appointments. You are rushed through appointments too. Fair enough there is a time scale but it shouldn’t feel like you are ushered out of the door”
  • “I have been with this surgery for 17 years and we don’t get appointments on time. Also we can’t make appointments the day before and we are never seen on time. There are no appointments left by 8.15 am sometimes and you always have to ring early morning to make an appointment. I’m not a happy patient.”


Comments on the overall satisfaction with the practice

  •  “Good service.”
  • “Having been with the practice 40+ years should answer the question of whether I recommend it.”
  • “Always very helpful.”
  • “I have been with this GP practice over 30 years.”
  • “Good.”
  • “Very good.”
  • “Polite and friendly. Good with detailed reports and understanding.”
  • “Very good practice.”
  • “I have always had good service.”
  • “Good service thanks.”
  • “Very good service.”
  • Helpful and understanding of my situation.”
  • “I am very happy with the friendly service.”
  • “Friendly, polite and helpful.”
  • “They listen to what I need. I am really happy with the service I receive.”
  • “They were helpful when I requested a paid letter and they were particular in making sure it said everything I needed it to.”
  • “Today was ok but it’s not always like that.”
  • “The service is satisfactory.”
  • “Very friendly service.”
  • “They are very reliable.”
  • “Convenient location.”
  • “They look after me a lot.”
  • “I have been a patient for years and like how you can get an appointment and they help you.”
  • “Same as always, decent.”
  • “I am never too sure. Whilst the help has been good, at times I feel there is judgement due to the questions that are asked.”
  • “Good service.”
  • “They can always fit my dad in when he needs to be seen.”


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