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Shafton Lane Surgery

20A Shafton Lane
LS11 9RE
Telephone: 01132056561
Fax: 0113 295 4390





What is the Friends and Family Test?

The Friends and Family test is a way of gathering feedback and helping to drive improvement. Patients are invited to respond to the question regarding how likely they are to recommend the surgery to friends and family. They are asked to comment on their reason for the score


 There were 123 responses from patients.





1. How likely are you to recommend our practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?



 Extremely Likely




Neither Likely Nor Unlikely




Extremely Unlikely


Don’t Know





Analysis of results:


84% of patients were ‘extremely likely’ or ‘likely’ to recommend us to Friends and Family.


Only 10% of patients were ‘unlikely’ or ‘extremely unlikely’.  

6% of responses did not express a preference. 






2. Please tell us the main reason for the score you have given.


Comments on clinicians/staff

  • The doctor put all his attention on my problem and tried to help me. He is very good.
  • The doctor gives good advice but you do seem to get different advice from each doctor.
  • The doctor is very good, always polite and I never have a problem here.
  • Your staff and doctors are efficient and friendly at all times.
  • Good doctor.
  • Very friendly and helpful
  • The doctor’s receptionists and nurses are very helpful at all times and the receptionists all have a smile. Always very pleasant.
  • Great doctors and always happy to help.
  • They always take good care of everyone that comes to the GP.
  • The doctor gives good advice to all patients.
  • The doctors are very good and the staff are really nice and polite.
  • Dr Narker is really helpful and polite. He is very good at listening and answering questions.
  • Dr Shahid is very good and very thorough and he listens and examines you if needed and looks into your medical issues. He has plenty of time and doesn’t fob patients off.
  • I got quick and good treatment and advice.
  • Everyone is lovely and caring here.
  • Doctors are very friendly.
  • Mrs Bhandary seems not to listen to her patients and imposes herself on them. She twists the facts and doesn’t listen.
  • Very good phone service and lovely staff. The young doctor was so thorough.
  • They give you proper care and treatment and look after you well.
  • The reception staff are lovely and Dr Bhandary is a very good GP.
  • I am quite happy with the staff members and GP as they give proper are and are nice.
  • Dr Narker is good for the surgery, I felt well dealt with.
  • Dr Shahid is very helpful
  • I have been happy with the service I have received. I feel confident that if necessary the reception staff would try their best to get me an appointment.
  • Dr Azizi was very good; she is different to my normal doctor.
  • Dr Shahid is very patient with me but Dr. Bhandary was rather harsh.
  • Good polite staff and service.
  • For nearly two years have been trying to get an answer to my baby’s problem but I keep being fobbed off and can’t get the relevant treatment to help.


Comments on the appointment system

  • Never on time. I am always sat waiting over half an hour after my appointment time.
  • The waiting time for Dr Shahid is ridiculous, I had to leave.
  • The waiting time is not that long and everyone is given time to be heard.
  • Sometimes the doctors do not keep up to time.
  • Waiting time is too long.
  • Long waiting times
  • Usually waiting a while but the service is ok.
  • Long waiting time.




  •  Comments on the overall satisfaction with the practice
  • I have not had a good experience since I have been here. I have put complaints in.They are really good.
  • The service is satisfactory
  • I have been with the practice for three decades and they have always looked after me well.
  • They are very professional
  • Very good services
  • The service is satisfactory.
  • Always helpful
  • I am satisfied with the services.
  • I don’t have a problem.
  • I have always been satisfied
  • Slightly unprepared but after that they were spot on.
  • Always satisfied
  • I like the services and the way you respond to my calls is fantastic, perfect and respectful. Than you.
  • Satisfied.
  • I got help with the things I needed.
  • Very good.
  • I have always been dealt with in a good manner
  • Anytime I pop in they treat me nicely
  • The patient are attended to quickly
  • Nothing to complain about
  • Always cool and friendly




Published 18 days ago

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